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Jared Leto and Chase Kusero hair match….

What do you get when you mix Perfect Hair and a great Oscar worthy performance……An Oscar and Perfect Hair duh!!

Everyone in Tinseltown is buzzing about the amazing hair that Jared Leto hair at the Oscars. There were polls and everyone had an idea of what they wanted…I actually loved it down!!!!

If you don’t know the creator of this amazing style that women and men alike are talking and goggling over….please read my other post on Chase Kusero in this blog: Perfect Hair Guru.

Chase Kusero is the creator of this amazing ombré. It’s so great to see someone work so hard in Hollywood, and I have been blessed to have worked with this amazing guy in LA.

I am so star struck by the amazing hair that Jared had the night of the Oscars. It’s was in fact flawless and it made us all swoon. Who knew Ombré could be so chic and masculine at the same time.

What did you think of the Oscar winners hair that night..this hair takes time to perfect!


2014 Spring Makeup…

So I recently got a new job working for Ulta as a hairdresser/Makeup artist and you all know what that means!!!!!! More makeup and hair posts.

Honestly I was gonna retire all together then found this Sephora like place!!! So I applied interviewed and got the job!! So excited if you have never been to an Ulta Store check it out!

It’s hair, makeup, tools,nails,face washes,perfumes, all things beauty!! The best part is they have hair styling color,cuts,highlights,updos,extentions,and even perms!


Here are some trends I am loving Caroline Herrera Spring 2014 above.


Love this look above!!!! From Nars Blue eyes!! The lips are natural and beautiful!!


I love a great red Lip (my fav is Mac Russian Red)

This eye color is to dye for and of course it’s soft shimmery love purple tones and lilacs with a strong lip.

These are some of the spring colors out go out there and play with new colors it’s so fun!!

What are your favorite colors for spring? Have you been dying to try something new let me know!

Stay Beautiful!!!

Prevana color for Fall

At my salon we are now using Prevana Color!!!


Prevana is a plant based color that also has Keratin in it. The Keratin gives the hair strength and tons of shine I absolutely love the way the hair feels and looks!!

In the line the hair also a Demi permanent color called Vivids they come in 11 fun shades, from pinks, purples, to green, blues, reds! If you haven’t seen them check them out!!! The color possibilities are endless.


I am also adding glossing treatment called Kera Glaze it is a two part glaze that is used with heat blow dryer and either flat iron or curling iron and stay in your hair for at least 6 shampoos!!! It’s a great way to keep your lock smooth and shiny and looking amazing!! My client above had the Kera Glaze done. Her hair was very dry from bleaching it was dull. As you can see her hair is shiny and healthier.

I also love the fact that my clients get to have not only shiny hair but less harsh chemicals!! It is great for the stylist and the client.


Go ahead ask your stylist for a new style or just a pop of color!!

Hair! Oh my!!

Here we are fast approaching fall!! It’s my favorite season!!! Summer is still in full swing, we need to take care of our hair!!

So I have put together a few of my favorite summer items to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing! Please feel free to add any products you love!!!

So here it goes…..

My favorite product right now is….

Kerastase Aqua Seal

It’s a great protectant for your hair if your out in the pool or even swimming in the ocean. It has a great scent and doesn’t over power, it’s a great serum for the hair especially blondes. It works great for your summer hair!

Here is the link below,default,sc.html


I also really love Kerastase Nectar Thermique it’s a great leave in treatment before you Blowdry. I use it everyday no lie!! I love this product year round! In summer your hair starts to get a little dry. I like to switch it up and use this through till fall.


Here is the link..


These products work great with a good brush. I always have Ibiza brushes they are light weight cork handle with boar bristles. They are my go to brushes that I always carry with me and are really great for curly hair. They last a very long time and are totally worth the investment!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!



Ombré or not to Ombré

20130312-171256.jpg The poses a great question most women ask themselves when looking for a new hair color. What is ombre? Ombré is a French word which means shading or shaded. It is a gradation technique that takes hair from dark to light. It can a soft or bold transition. The best way to know if Ombré would be right for you is to ask your stylist. One of the benefits of Ombré color is you can go longer between salon visits. Because the hair color is made look like grown out hilights. Always remember to shampoo with color safe products and don’t forget to condition the hair it can get dry during the spring/summer.






Inspiration Spring Trends Hair 2013

Hello it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been really busy lately. Good news and good opportunities. I will let you in when I have all the details I am so very excited!

Today I wanted to show some inspiration. I took a drive today from San Francisco to my home town of Santa Cruz I was inspired by the trees along highway 17.

I was thinking of Spring Hair Fashion 2013 Runway looks…..

I love this slick and tucked ponytail.


Here is another picture from two angles.


Classic Bun with texture at the ends.

What I love is all of these styles are so easy on or off the runway! How do you like to wear your hair?
Here is a fish braid loose and messy. I am happy to see braids are still in for Spring!

Flash back 80s Hair and Style

The 80’s we may not have loved everything but we sure did have a good time! I mean if you happen to not be born in the era you have been exposed in some way to what fashion and hair at the time. It’s one of my favorite maybe because( I wanted to be Madonna) I still want to live in a material world.
I can almost see my hair now up in a messy ponytail dancing in my room with torn jeans and a comb instead of a real mic. ( I still do this maybe nothing has changed)
I was in love with the hair style, and the rebellion of women I saw on TV not TMZ. So I question in our society the feelings I had as a child to what idols are present in today’s pop culture on YouTube and twitter and all over the Internet. The 80’s were just when MTV was starting to get big and exposing us to celebrities like Michael Jackson and we were watching the videos over and over trying to get the choreography down. Now we google everything and have all our information at our disposal. It is a great thing and can also be overwhelming. Video killed the radio star was right ohoh I met your children but did you tell the video killed the radio star.


Thriller by Michael Jackson was amazing with the clothes all of the leather and I really wanted all his moves and his gloves. I did pretend to have a glove but his voice was incredible and who doesn’t like black I tend to wear my fair share of it. In the world of fashion and celebrities all fashion comes back around.



20130308-133601.jpgI really don’t want to go back completely but I love to see how I can make an out fit or someone’s hair a little 80’s in some way. It has shaped my life and maybe you have been touched by a video or a person. We can get away from it completely I still play rubrics cube because I feel child like and I enjoy it. So thank you to the 80’s raise a glass and see you again soon! What is your favorite 80’s icon and why?

Stay Beautiful



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