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My Journey………

June 8, 2012

Me and Michelle my old boss in Venice Beach

The road to this industry is 12 years in the making and I still always feel like I can learn and grow. This industry can be tough, hard , young, amazing, artistic, it can be just what you want it to be, as long as you don’t give up, or let time pass by thinking that you know everything. It ‘s passion and desire that keeps me coming back. People say if you had all the money in the world what would you do…I still years later say, a hairdresser. Here is why…

As a little girl, when people would ask I would say i wanted to be a teacher. Now I grew up as most girls do, wearing their mothers shoes and playing dress up with her ruby-red lipstick. As I got older I realized that I loved makeup and hair. When I was a teenager I used to go dancing all night around the city and had lots of glitter. After graduating high school I was armed with some cheap makeup brushes and maybe a comb and kit. ( which you buy when you get into beauty school) My aunt also gave me her vintage beauty school kit. I actually was excited about my instructor Melinda, she was sweet patient and always said anything was possible.

While I went to beauty school , my hair was a hot pink bob! My family was so used to the fact that my look was always changing. Thankfully in this industry your allowed to take these freedoms After graduating beauty school, decided to pack my bags and head to Hollywood. At the ripe age of 20 I wanted to do makeup and hair.

I didn’t have a place right away , so my good friend whom I love dearly let me sleep on her couch. I still needed a job so I took to the streets. My first job was in the mall at Beverly Center. That was epic because many celebrities went there to shop. I took my State exam not too long after I arrived and failed. Yes I had failed I didnt fail once that was my second time I was very dissapointed.

Shortly after taking the exam I was with a friend in Santa Monica having coffee telling her about my situation . It was a Sunday, I noticed this big salon was open so I walked in and asked if they were hiring, I didn’t know at the time I was speaking with the owner. She said that they were hiring an assistant position and that she would give me a chance. First I had to pass the state board. She said she was willing to help me.

Piero salon would be the salon to give me a chance I told Diane the owner my story and how I really needed to pass the state board. She said I could come in on Sundays and she would help me practice and test me so that I could pass and start to work possibly there. I said yes and so every sunday I was there for a few hours. I did this for a few months until I could take the test, at that time you had to wait to take it for 2 months. All the hard work paid off I passed it and I was licensed. My dream was closer and I was so eager to learn as much as possible. In the assisting process Diane would teach me all I need to know about color and the basics of color theory, then they would have another stylist teach you about haircutting. They decided to place me with a guy named Jericho Mora. I would be his assistant. I was scared to work with him. He was always dressed well and I was terrified. I later found out he was a part of the Wella Sebastian artistic team. Jericho would become my mentor respect and will always consider a close friend. We quickly worked together and I just felt like I understood him. Jericho and I worked together for about three years. We still remain friends and he continues to give me advice.

I moved on from Piero and got a job at a small salon in Culver City not to far from Sony studio. After being at Salon De Lux a year I was promoted to manager. I stayed there for three years and learned how to hire a staff and manage people. Then a friend asked me to help them with their salon in Santa Monica. There I had some celebrity clients and the salon was amazing. I learned so much and the bonus was I was by the beach!!

I worked on my own for a while. It was a good decision I worked with very talented group of people. I decided after about a year that I wanted to leave LA. So I enrolled in real estate classes and worked in the salon part-time. Once I finished I decided I would help my parents with their business and I would move to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

So I landed in sunny Cabo with only my suitcase and some clothes. Starting over somewhere is hard. I was 26 and I was gonna live back with my parents. I decided to get a job selling timeshare. I stayed for a year then decided…

San Francisco was the place for me!!!!

I feel so fortunate to be able to work and live in the beautiful bay area!! I have lived here for 6 years and I love it!! I have just branched out and am working downtown San Francisco!

Shawnte Hair

This is me in Cabo



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