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August 30, 2012

This post is about Brazillian Blowouts VS. Hair Smoothers or Keratin Treatments

I know many of you love shiny straight hair! why not with all of the glossy height fashion trends it is easier then ever to have long shiny straighter hair.

Lets face it we see it all over the celebrity gossip columns Britney Spears to Kim Kardashian. It will soon be Fall and the trend is shiny straight hair all over the runway!

I have done my share of Brazillian Blow outs and Keratin treatments! My clients love the outcome of the Brazillian because of all the formaldehyde and it lasts on some 4-5 months! So yes they love that they don’t have to work so hard at managing wavy unruly hair!

However I dislike breathing in all of those chemicals I do too many to jeopardize myself or my clients. So I have been doing a hair smoother by Prevana called Perfection it lasts about 6-8 weeks and goes on very similar to Brazillian Gloss that I did at my previous salon. Keratin treatments work well and last about the same as a Brazillian Blowout. I do think that I will carry one soon. I am just looking at alternatives for my clients and myself so far I love these results!

My client Kera before the treatment


Here is Kera after the Prevana Perfection Treatment


Kara told me that after she did the treatment her hair had much more shine and it seemed healthy. Although she said it might not last as long as the other one the outcome still cut her drying time in half and guess what, no harsh chemicals! It’s so much better to not have to wear a mask when you are doing it!!!! Bonus her coworkers kept asking if she just had her color done!!!

Also I highly tell all of my clients to get a haircut after a service like that you do need to clean up the ends!!

For more info contact :

Shawnte Hair


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  1. appox what is the cost for Prevana Perfection Treatment? My hair length is similar to the one in the photo.

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