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Chase Kusero Perfect Hair Guru

March 8, 2013

20130308-095230.jpg photo credit: Beauty Bender

If you don’t know then name Chase Kusero creative director at Prive Salon Los Angeles let me introduce him to you. Chase has been doing the locks of some of Hollywood elite like Ozzy Osbourne ring a bell or Paris Hilton, just to name a few.

Chase worked with Chris McMillan who styled Jennifer Aniston during Friends. He then met with hair Icon Laurent D founder of Prive salons. Then they together started a global artistic team in Los Angeles and now includes New York.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chase when he got a job with Sebastian Artistic Team. He had just landed in LA and me being an assistant to an artistic director Jericho Mora at the time. I was one of the first people to show Chase around Santa Monica. It’s always fun to show people around Los Angeles and the sparkle in people’s eyes trying to figure this place out.

Chase opened a salon later in LA and I did work with him for a while. At the time he was doing classes on long hair and perfect hair. It was a great time in LA for me. I left LA eventually and sometimes I think I left some dreams scattered around, for someone to pick up and make something great happen.

It was a great experience and it is inspiring to see what is next. I hope I get the chance soon to see Perfect Hair in action again. It’s been a while since I have had that feeling, being a hairdresser myself for so long it’s easy to get stuck in a box. I think I need to get out, maybe today is a good start.

Much love and continued success in all you endeavors, hope to see you on the runway soon!
See what Chase and his team are creating follow them or book an appointment at Prive Salon in LA or NYC.

Stay Beautiful


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