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Flash back 80s Hair and Style

March 8, 2013

The 80’s we may not have loved everything but we sure did have a good time! I mean if you happen to not be born in the era you have been exposed in some way to what fashion and hair at the time. It’s one of my favorite maybe because( I wanted to be Madonna) I still want to live in a material world.
I can almost see my hair now up in a messy ponytail dancing in my room with torn jeans and a comb instead of a real mic. ( I still do this maybe nothing has changed)
I was in love with the hair style, and the rebellion of women I saw on TV not TMZ. So I question in our society the feelings I had as a child to what idols are present in today’s pop culture on YouTube and twitter and all over the Internet. The 80’s were just when MTV was starting to get big and exposing us to celebrities like Michael Jackson and we were watching the videos over and over trying to get the choreography down. Now we google everything and have all our information at our disposal. It is a great thing and can also be overwhelming. Video killed the radio star was right ohoh I met your children but did you tell the video killed the radio star.


Thriller by Michael Jackson was amazing with the clothes all of the leather and I really wanted all his moves and his gloves. I did pretend to have a glove but his voice was incredible and who doesn’t like black I tend to wear my fair share of it. In the world of fashion and celebrities all fashion comes back around.



20130308-133601.jpgI really don’t want to go back completely but I love to see how I can make an out fit or someone’s hair a little 80’s in some way. It has shaped my life and maybe you have been touched by a video or a person. We can get away from it completely I still play rubrics cube because I feel child like and I enjoy it. So thank you to the 80’s raise a glass and see you again soon! What is your favorite 80’s icon and why?

Stay Beautiful



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  1. I have so many 80’s icons I just can’t pick one. From Adam and the Ants over to Duran Duran and Human League and then on to Simple Minds, music was a massive part of my life in the 80’s and still is. My musical tastes tended to influence what I wore and how i styled my hair, did my make up, etc. I am by no means stuck in the 80’s now but back then I really loved them 🙂 Katie B @ Minerva Collection – UK Handbags & Jewellery

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