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Why we love Topshop

March 8, 2013


I remember like it was yesterday it was 2003 in London and a chilly day. I was in awe of the city and all the cobblestone streets. This California girl was not used to the foggy cool weather of London on Oxford Street. There I was of course Shopping around and I stumbled upon. This amazing three story Mecca!


There were so many shoes!!!! Shoes!! Did I say Shoes!! Oh yes and dresses, skirts and stockings that my heart couldn’t take all of the things so cheap!!!! I was in the store for what seemed like an eternity! I was scouting for shoes I mean shoes. Yes and scarves and some stockings!
I had never seen anything so big and grand ( this was before forever 21) I had found my secret place of fashion that I cold actually afford on a student budget!

Now I am always shopping online and I am so happy there is one in NYC and now Los Angeles but I have yet to actually walk in and feel as I did the day I discovered it. I do plan on going to LA soon and of course walking down memory lane and shop till I drop! Even though my budget for clothing is bigger we all want to stretch our dollar out at times! I do love to pair a great pair of jeans with a less expensive fun top or shirt.


The reason I was so inclined to write about it is because I saw they are having a little black dress sale!!! Yes they do and I am so excited! LA Fashion Week is fast approaching as well. That is exciting as I have worked with LA fashion week in the past oh so fun!

Topshop can you please come to San Francisco soon!


Check out they have limited edition dresses!

Happy Shopping

Stay beautiful



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