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Trends of Hair Color 2015

April 22, 2015

Lets talk about the ever changing world of ……..Hair Color  

Honestly I can get down for days about hair color done amazingly well it takes skill, patience , a keen eye, not to mention years of practice! Don’t get me started on all of the classes,  one must take! Let’s all feast our eyes in the woman below yeah I know it’s John Legends wife…Chrissy Tiegen


So here let me wave my magical wand and Boom you turn into a super model!! How I wish it was that easy right..

Ok let’s be honest not everyone is this blessed. That hair color is on point. 

This hair color is soft su kissed and has the right amount of chocolate low lights. It’s like the perfect expresso….I love expresso don’t you?

  Moving on Pastels, now these tones done correct are beautiful!  You must maintain the color depending on how it fades. Sometimes on certain people (pale skin tones) it works. Theses not for the faint at heart. Kelly Osbourne does it fiercely. This pallet of pinks, blue, grey is a winning combination don’t you think..


This is a kind ombré  esk Venice Beach Dirty Blonde babe vibe. It reminds me of salt, sunshine, lazy days, hot sun and sex sex sex…

I appreciate a good surfer chic look just like the one above..I mean maybe it’s my Cali lifestyle. I love low maintenance hair it’s slept in, unkept and flawless. 

 Techniques will change and evolve play with your hair and find something you may love…

Stay sexy, 

What’s your favorite haircolor?



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