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What does your hair say about you?

April 27, 2015


Our hairstyle will hopefully evolve as we age. Some people don’t change their hairstyle much in their whole life. They have the same hair and never chose to change it. But these days the younger generation loves it.

Katie Curic – This hairstyle is very versatile and looks good on her. It’s short but had a  side swept fringe. The color is good on her skin. This is a good low maintenance hairstyle and has some body. This haircut is ideal for fine to medium hair types.


Her is one of my all time favorite hairstyles Short Pixie Sharon Stone pulls this one off well. There are a lot of celebrities chopping their locks lately. I love this because it’s effortless and easy to wear. Ideal face shape is oval and her eyes are blue which accentuates her color. This haircut should be trimmed every 3-6 weeks. 


Eva Longoria is famous for her long tresses. She had such a beautiful hair it’s medium to thick type hair. Her speck of golden hilights is perfect for her olive skin. Long hair is the epic Hollywood Glamour. The staple of actresses and super models. Chocolate brown color is rich and my favorite color for fall.

Try a different haircut or color be bold or soft . Ask your stylist what they think….till next time


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