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Inspiration Spring Trends Hair 2013

Hello it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been really busy lately. Good news and good opportunities. I will let you in when I have all the details I am so very excited!

Today I wanted to show some inspiration. I took a drive today from San Francisco to my home town of Santa Cruz I was inspired by the trees along highway 17.

I was thinking of Spring Hair Fashion 2013 Runway looks…..

I love this slick and tucked ponytail.


Here is another picture from two angles.


Classic Bun with texture at the ends.

What I love is all of these styles are so easy on or off the runway! How do you like to wear your hair?
Here is a fish braid loose and messy. I am happy to see braids are still in for Spring!

Flash back 80s Hair and Style

The 80’s we may not have loved everything but we sure did have a good time! I mean if you happen to not be born in the era you have been exposed in some way to what fashion and hair at the time. It’s one of my favorite maybe because( I wanted to be Madonna) I still want to live in a material world.
I can almost see my hair now up in a messy ponytail dancing in my room with torn jeans and a comb instead of a real mic. ( I still do this maybe nothing has changed)
I was in love with the hair style, and the rebellion of women I saw on TV not TMZ. So I question in our society the feelings I had as a child to what idols are present in today’s pop culture on YouTube and twitter and all over the Internet. The 80’s were just when MTV was starting to get big and exposing us to celebrities like Michael Jackson and we were watching the videos over and over trying to get the choreography down. Now we google everything and have all our information at our disposal. It is a great thing and can also be overwhelming. Video killed the radio star was right ohoh I met your children but did you tell the video killed the radio star.


Thriller by Michael Jackson was amazing with the clothes all of the leather and I really wanted all his moves and his gloves. I did pretend to have a glove but his voice was incredible and who doesn’t like black I tend to wear my fair share of it. In the world of fashion and celebrities all fashion comes back around.



20130308-133601.jpgI really don’t want to go back completely but I love to see how I can make an out fit or someone’s hair a little 80’s in some way. It has shaped my life and maybe you have been touched by a video or a person. We can get away from it completely I still play rubrics cube because I feel child like and I enjoy it. So thank you to the 80’s raise a glass and see you again soon! What is your favorite 80’s icon and why?

Stay Beautiful


Chase Kusero Perfect Hair Guru

20130308-095230.jpg photo credit: Beauty Bender

If you don’t know then name Chase Kusero creative director at Prive Salon Los Angeles let me introduce him to you. Chase has been doing the locks of some of Hollywood elite like Ozzy Osbourne ring a bell or Paris Hilton, just to name a few.

Chase worked with Chris McMillan who styled Jennifer Aniston during Friends. He then met with hair Icon Laurent D founder of Prive salons. Then they together started a global artistic team in Los Angeles and now includes New York.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chase when he got a job with Sebastian Artistic Team. He had just landed in LA and me being an assistant to an artistic director Jericho Mora at the time. I was one of the first people to show Chase around Santa Monica. It’s always fun to show people around Los Angeles and the sparkle in people’s eyes trying to figure this place out.

Chase opened a salon later in LA and I did work with him for a while. At the time he was doing classes on long hair and perfect hair. It was a great time in LA for me. I left LA eventually and sometimes I think I left some dreams scattered around, for someone to pick up and make something great happen.

It was a great experience and it is inspiring to see what is next. I hope I get the chance soon to see Perfect Hair in action again. It’s been a while since I have had that feeling, being a hairdresser myself for so long it’s easy to get stuck in a box. I think I need to get out, maybe today is a good start.

Much love and continued success in all you endeavors, hope to see you on the runway soon!
See what Chase and his team are creating follow them or book an appointment at Prive Salon in LA or NYC.

Stay Beautiful


20130308-102809.jpgPhoto credit :

Why we love Topshop


I remember like it was yesterday it was 2003 in London and a chilly day. I was in awe of the city and all the cobblestone streets. This California girl was not used to the foggy cool weather of London on Oxford Street. There I was of course Shopping around and I stumbled upon. This amazing three story Mecca!


There were so many shoes!!!! Shoes!! Did I say Shoes!! Oh yes and dresses, skirts and stockings that my heart couldn’t take all of the things so cheap!!!! I was in the store for what seemed like an eternity! I was scouting for shoes I mean shoes. Yes and scarves and some stockings!
I had never seen anything so big and grand ( this was before forever 21) I had found my secret place of fashion that I cold actually afford on a student budget!

Now I am always shopping online and I am so happy there is one in NYC and now Los Angeles but I have yet to actually walk in and feel as I did the day I discovered it. I do plan on going to LA soon and of course walking down memory lane and shop till I drop! Even though my budget for clothing is bigger we all want to stretch our dollar out at times! I do love to pair a great pair of jeans with a less expensive fun top or shirt.


The reason I was so inclined to write about it is because I saw they are having a little black dress sale!!! Yes they do and I am so excited! LA Fashion Week is fast approaching as well. That is exciting as I have worked with LA fashion week in the past oh so fun!

Topshop can you please come to San Francisco soon!


Check out they have limited edition dresses!

Happy Shopping

Stay beautiful


Hair Trends for 2013


It seems since the Oscars we are going shorter again and the BOB is always a classic. I love the shape and it looks good on most faces. It can be playful, fun , sassy and classic. The best part is it is easy to style when done right. Reese looks really fresh and sophisticated in this look and her lip color is a great red.

So ladies if you feel like changing think about a Bob. Remember ask your stylist if it would work for you. Please do not try it at home.


We have one of my all time favorites the pixie. I rocked this hairstyle for a number of years. I really love this hairstyle to this day. It works on small oval face shapes. It can be soft or edgy and rocker. It can also be masculine if you want. The right person can carry this look with dresses or a pant

Hairstyle most desired……yes Long Please!!


Long hair is never out of style. The bangs give it a stronger feel. I wish my hair would look this good long unfortunately I have fine hair and shorter hair looks best on my texture hair. This is a good style you could grow out the bangs and give it a more soft look as well.

Which hairstyle would you rock and why? I would love to hear from you!!

Stay beautiful


Fashion Week NYC….Blank, Stare,Blink

So today I wanted to let you all know Fashion Week is upon us. As some of you may know fashion week is going on right as I type this.

It is my dream to attend this massive worldly fashion heaven one day!!! I do have friends that work backstage hair and makeup.

I also follow a fashion blog it’s by a dear friend Paula and her friend Jennifer.

They have had the opportunity to be in with the glam and high society and see some amazing fashion designers!

If you want to feel a little closer to the action as I do please read!!

So I get to feel one step closer to my dream.

– Shawnte


NYX – Glitter Cream Palette in Ocean Breeze

Hello my wonderful glitter glam ladies!!!


Today I am reviewing the Ocean Breeze Palette by NYX cosmetics!!!

With all of the countless reviews online I just had to see what all this buzz has been about. I am late to the NYX cosmetics craze so I finally went to my local Ulta store here in the bay area and made a few purchases. Come on, us women love to shop.  You get us into a cosmetic store it like Disneyland for us, we can spend all our time and money!

So I walked in saying to myself ok only looking just one or two things…..(Yeah right!!!) So one of the first things I headed to was NYX and this caught my eye…



photo (1)


ok now this looked so amazing and I loved that it looked like the ocean. I have tried so many different types of glitter, but this one was a GEL form so it really glides on. I decided that when I did use it I suggest using a primer for eyes first. I would also say that using eye shadow would also help for the product to stick better to your eyes. photo (2)

This works great for costumes or just for a pop of Glitter. As a rating for this product one to ten this gets a 7. Only because you have to use so much product and they don’t give you very much. It is what you pay for it is fun for face painting as well!


Stay Beautiful